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Material Type
Typical Uses
100% solids epoxy for clear coatings, sealing & aggregate binding.

Very high chemical resistance for floor and wall coating in corrosive environments. Ideal for food related businesses & warehouses and general manufacturing floors. Excellent binder for aggregate overlays.
SS1300 100% solids epoxy joint compounds and patching pastes. Crack & joint filling, incl. magnesite repair. Excellent for bonding where paste is required. Can be used on vertical surfaces.
100% solids epoxy specially designed for aquaria applications. Industry standard for more than thirty years as a final coating for use inside commercial and show aquaria (marine mammals, sharks and other sea life). Porcelain like finish discourages bacteria growth. Available in many colors.
60% solids water extended epoxy coating for floors. Excellent for warehouse and factory floors. Protects against dusting and chemical attack. Improves light reflectance. Easy clean-up, very low odor. Clear and pigmented.
100% solids polyurea/ polyurethane hybrid elastomeric coating.
Water proofing membranes, elastomeric coatings with excellent chemical and water resistance. For use over steel, concrete and wood. Available in various cure speeds and application methods.
70% solids, water extended, aliphatic urethane, easy to handle. 0-VOC, low odor, high gloss.
Exterior & interior coating where UV resistance and chemical resistance are required. Uses include: water tanks, stained & pigmented floor finishes, food
processing and institutional applications.
100% solids epoxy, excellent leveling. Brush, roll or spray. Flexible, high gloss, good abrasion resistance.
Chemical containment. Decorative pigmented finishes. Broadcast high density floors. Showroom & institutional applications.
100% solids, aliphatic polyurethane. Clear and pigmented. Brush, roll and
spray application.
Very durable, chemical and U/V resistant finish coating for concrete and steel tanks, pipelines and equipment.
55% solids, water extended epoxy. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces. Low odor.
Excellent thin film finish coat or quick cure primer for 100% solids epoxy, 100% solids polyurea and 70% solids polyurethane coatings. Clear and pigmented.