Market Assessment of Rapid Armour*
Listen to what builders are saying.
In the latest focus groups and surveys, one message comes through: Rapid Armour™ temporary protective coating is just what builders have been looking for.

Real feedback.

  • "I would switch manufacturers if I found one that offered this new coating," says one representative builder
  • Overall survey results from 300 builders: 70% of builders rated Rapid Armour™ an 8 or 9 out of 10, where 8 means "like very much" and 9 means "excellent"
  • Some builders budget $75 to $125 per house for bathtub repairs
  • Average cost of a repair is $268
  • Builders pay on average $33 per bathtub/shower clean-up fees
Real advantages.
  • Rapid Armour™ addresses the top concerns of builders
  • Prevents damage by the trades
  • Pays for itself
  • Removes easily when construction is complete

Real opportunities.

  • Luxury builders would pay a premium for Rapid Armour™ protection
  • Builders favor this coating for coated fiberglass, acrylic and enameled cast iron fixtures
  • Builders prefer it for jet tubs, bathtubs and showers
*Executive Summary:
Study methodology 1. Qualitative Research 2. Quantitative Research
Sample: 300 US Homebuilders

Builders, ask your bath and kitchen fixture supplier about this advanced coating today. Specify Rapid Armour when ordering tubs, showers, and spas.
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