Market Assessment of Rapid Armour*
Consider the potential savings.
Rapid Armour™ can solve major problems for builders - the loss of time from dealing with damaged fixtures, the loss of money from need for repair and replacement, the the loss of customer good will from unsatisfactory resolution of problems. Here is a look at some specifics.

The realities of damage.

  • 1 in 10 bathtubs are damaged
  • 22% of damaged tubs are returned or replaced
  • 73% are repaired
The causes of damage.
  • 27% of damage is due to shipping
  • More than 60% of damage happens on site
  • Most common damage is scratching or chipping, followed by cracking and gouging, followed by stains and paint marks

The costs of damage.

  • Average cost for return or replacement is $468
  • Average cost of repair is $268
  • Average cost for final clean up of a tub is $33


  • Overall, builders feel that product will out perform the other protective methods
  • High protection against scratches and chips - the two most common types of damage
  • Builders overall reaction to product was very positive
    • Protects tubs better than current products/methods
    • Saves time and ensuing cost of clean-up and repair
*Executive Summary:
Study methodology 1. Qualitative Research 2. Quantitative Research
Sample: 300 US Homebuilders

Builders, ask your bath and kitchen fixture supplier about this advanced coating today. Specify Rapid Armour when ordering tubs, showers, and spas.
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