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Product Safety

Emergency Hotline

We maintain a 24-hour EMERGENCY HOTLINE to respond to transportation, environmental, and medical emergencies. Call:
800-523-7010 (US)
703-527-3887 (Outside US)

We believe in transparency of information, and therefore make product information readily available on this website, including requests for Safety Data Sheets.

Other ways that we ensure our products are safe include:

  • GHS. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is meant to standardize the classification and labeling of chemicals. It is mandatory in most countries where we operate, but not all. As a result, we are treating this as a global initiative but implementing it regionally.
  • REACH. We are heavily involved in REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). Quaker became involved in the European REACH community as early as 2005, well before registration deadlines began in 2010.
  • Responsible Care 14001. As part of our certification in North America, expected to be complete in 2017, we will adhere to the Responsible Care Product Safety Code. This code sets forth a set of practices to manage chemical product safety as part of an overall HSSE (health, safety, security, environmental) management system.

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