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A water based, non-hazardous temporary protective coating designed for use on fiberglass, acrylic, stainless steel and most other non-porous surfaces.   AC 940 was designed to eliminate unnecessary repairs and clean up after shipping, storage, fabrication and installation.  When used as directed, AC 940 will protect surfaces for up to six months (even in direct sunlight). Peels off easily leaving a clean, preserved surface.


AC-9100 is a water based, air curing, hand peelable, temporary protective coating intended for use as a protective film on window glass and/or metal frames to minimize surface damage during shipping, construction, painting, and rehab.


Water based Bright White Booth Coating is a white, hand peelable, protective coating for use in paint spray booths.


A long lasting primerless, paintable, Kraton G® block copolymer based, elastomeric sealant. When used as directed, the material will seal joints or cracks to resist the passage of light, heat, cold, air, snow, wind, odor, dust and chemical contaminants. Material has a 30 year life expectancy.

Highly recommended for commercial or residential buildings and their roofs, walls, and window openings. The product adheres to brick, glass, wood, copper, concrete, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and most plastics, in wet or dry conditions.

The elastomeric characteristic allows the sealant to expand and contract in the heat of day to the coolness of night, where temperatures may vary 70oF in a matter of hours. More information.


R18-41A is a water based, air or forced dry, hand peelable, UV resistant, temporary protective coating. When applied to most non-porous surfaces (glass, porcelain, fiberglass, gel coat, aluminum and stainless steel), the coating provides protection from abuse.


Sign Mask is a water based, air or forced dry, hand peelable, UV resistant, tan colored, semi-transparent, temporary protective coating that can be applied to most non-porous surfaces.


The SS1301 is a white viscous, non-sag, fiber reinforced, chemical resistant, 100% solids epoxy filler/surfacer that offers 0-VOC and has excellent adhesion.


Abrasion resistant, 100% solids, 0-VOC epoxy coating that has been especially formulated to coat marine show aquaria.  Self priming, excellent adhesion and cures to a resilient porcelain-like high gloss finish. Applied to concrete, fiberglass & steel surfaces that are subject to continuous abrasion, chlorine & salt water immersion, theme parks, commercial and show aquariums, fountains & water slides.


AC Products' TPC Stripper may be used to help remove temporary protective coatings that have been applied incorrectly or are otherwise no longer peelable.