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  • SS1301 - 100% Solids Patching Compound Epoxy
  • SS1500 - 100% Solids Pigmented Epoxy, Commercial & Show
                      Aquaria Coating


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about surface preparation before applying a coating to a floor?

This is a topic too large to cover here but very important and usually the key to the success of any coating application.  Normally the surface needs to be clean and dry and have a surface profile (roughness) suitable to provide sufficient adhesion.  Other factors of concern include: water vapor transmission (concrete), the presences of old sealers, coatings or other contaminants on the surface, surface pH (fresh concrete) and the general condition of the floor.

I have seen a coating used at Sea World and other parks on their show tanks for dolphins and killer whales.  Does Epmar make a coating like this?

Yes and chances are that you were looking at one of our coatings!  EPMAR makes a high performance epoxy coating called SS1500 RFQS that has been used in marine parks, zoos and aquaculture facilities throughout the world for over 30 years.  The coating is safe for contact with all marine life, resists the oils and fats from marine mammals, does not support bacterial growth and stands up well to salt water, chlorine and ozone used in water treatment.

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