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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does EPMAR stand for? 

EPMAR stands for Epoxy Polyurethane Manufacturing and Research.

What type of business is EPMAR and what does it do?

EPMAR manufactures liquid products such as epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea and acrylic emulsions.  There are currently four divisions in EPMAR serving various industries. 

The four divisions are:

  1. EPMAR® -  supplies materials for the electronic and environmental industries such as potting compounds, encapsulants and adhesives.
  2. KEMIKO® -  serving the concrete floor systems market by providing stains, sealers and waxes for converting dull gray concrete into works of art.
  3. STA CRETE® - serving the construction market by providing performance coatings for concrete, steel and other surfaces.  Examples are floor coating for food processing plants, warehouses, aircraft hangars, restaurants, kitchens, and coatings for secondary containment, public aquaria, marine parks, and aquaculture.
  4. SYNDECK®  - supplies products to the marine industry in the form of underlayments, grouts, adhesives and topcoats for ship decks, off shore platforms and yachts.back to top