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Unsurpassed Performance and Protection. Epmar Corporation has been a leading supplier of polyurethane and epoxy systems for adhesives, coatings and sealants to a multitude of international manufacturers of Fluid Filters, Air Filters, and Fuel Filters. Epmar EU approved products are currently in use in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Epmar’s products provide high performance and offer manufacturing advantages that fit your Lean Manufacturing Objectives, while offering FDA 175.105 approval and EU Clearance. Epmar’s Oxy-Shield potable tank lining protects your tank and pipe assets while offering UL ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Approval.  Oxy-Shield has 0 VOC’s to lower your emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a membrane adhesive which will not blister, vein, or delaminate after temperature extremes and pH changes?

SS2120, FDA 175.105 approved polyurethane fluid filter adhesive, has been successfully used in high pressure pure water applications, dairy applications which have been tested to 90oC and extreme pH extremes with excellent adhesion, high manufacturing yields and no blistering.

Do you have a field proven epoxy outer laminate for fluid filters?

Yes, SS1919, SS1934 and SS1933 have many years of outstanding performance under harsh environmental conditions.

Do you have a Mil Spec approved environmental adhesive?

Yes, SS1940 meets Mil-PRF 3135G. SS1940 has excellent adhesion and high temperature resistance.


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