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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more information on Kemiko® Products?

If you would like to receive a brochure, color chart, application information, price/coverage information or an architectural package, contact the distributor nearest you. Architectural specifications are also available at

What do I need to know about surface preparation before applying a coating to a floor?

This is a topic too large to cover here but very important and usually the key to the success of any coating application.  Normally the surface needs to be clean and dry and have a surface profile (roughness) suitable to provide sufficient adhesion.  Other factors of concern include: water vapor transmission (concrete), the presences of old sealers, coatings or other contaminants on the surface, surface pH (fresh concrete) and the general condition of the floor.

Can I apply an epoxy like your SS1202 to a patio outside?

Epoxies as a rule do not have the best ultra violet light (UV) resistance.  With time they will yellow and lose gloss and eventually chalk.  For this reason they are not recommended for outdoor use or areas with UV exposure.



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