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Bathware Industry
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Specifically designed for bathware manufacturers. Ultra tough removable protective coating that is hand peelable, UV resistant, VOC and HAP free, chemical and water-resistant.  It can be applied to various surfaces, such as fiberglass, stainless steel, and most other non-porous surfaces.  Can be handled within seconds after spraying.

Rapid Armour® minimizes surface damage during shipment, installation, and subsequent construction or remodeling work. Paint, plaster, sealant and abrasives are kept away from the finished tub surface. In addition to forming an extremely tough coating, Rapid Armour's excellent water resistance will hold up against the plumber’s pressure test. Because the coating is factory applied the faucet and drain holes are open, such that they do not need to be cut on-site.

Rapid Armour® protects bathtubs, shower stalls and jet-tubs against scratches, abrasions and job site dirt and grime. Rapid Armour® can be removed in one-piece, enclosing all trash and debris like a trash bag, revealing a fixture in showroom condition.