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Rapid Armour® for Builders

Worry-free protection from delivery to final inspection. Play Video.

  • Rapid Armour® is sprayed on at the Manufacturer
  • Protects every moment, from shipping to final inspection
  • Covers every inch, every curve and contour, with a thick strong coating
  • Offers UV protection during storage
  • Lasts for more than six months; will not peel off accidentally or prematurely
  • Does not allow debris to slip between liner and tub to cause scratches or abrasions
  • No color transfer
  • Rapid Armour® delivers advantages over other systems and coatings
  • Makes the construction process more profitable for you and more satisfying for the homeowner
  • Coating strips off easily from a single starting point
  • Coating can be removed in one piece, to enclose all the trash and debris in the but in a "heavy duty trash bag"
  • Reveals a fixture in perfect showroom condition - with no cleaning required
  • Rapid Armour® is a proprietary polymer-based coating
  • Helps prevent damage throughout the construction process
  • Factory application means faucet and drain holes are open, avoiding risks of on-site cutting
  • Resists impact and helps eliminate scratching and tearing from discarded scraps and debris
  • Resists spills of water, paint, stains and solvents. It even withstands the plumber's pressure test

Learn what the industry is saying about the most advanced protection system for bath fixtures. Click here for Data from a survey done by NAHB

Builders, ask your bath and kitchen fixture supplier about this advanced coating today. Specify Rapid Armour® when ordering tubs, showers, and spas. Call +1-877-99-EPMAR.  



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