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Rapid Armour® For Bathtub Manufacturers

The fastest, safest, most efficient shield for bath and kitchen fixtures. Play Video.

  • Rapid Armour® is a two component, spray-on system, requiring industry standard equipment and application procedures
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), non-flammable, and cures dry-to-handle in minutes
  • Covers every inch of surface, and every curve and contour, with a polymer coating that's thicker and stronger than other spray-on protective coatings
  • Offers UV protection during storage
  • Lasts for more than six months; will not peel off accidentally or prematurely
  • Rapid Armour® prevents surface scratches, abrasions, and stains in storage and shipping
  • More effective than drop-in liners, cardboard, Styrofoam, vacuum forms or spray-ons (water-base coatings).
  • Avoids returns and eliminates re-work
  • Resists impact and helps eliminate scratching and tearing from discarded scraps and debris
  • Resists spills of water, paint, stains and solvents. It even withstands the plumber's pressure test
  • Rapid Armour® makes protection more profitable and satisfying for the customer
  • Application costs to all fixtures provides an ample margin.
  • Can obtain a premium for it on acrylic and enameled products and on products for luxury builders
  • Coating strips off easily from a single starting point
  • Coating can be removed in one piece to enclose trash and debris in the tub in a "heavy duty trash bag"
  • Reveals a fixture in perfect showroom condition - with no cleaning required

Learn what the industry is saying about the most advanced protection system for bath fixtures. Click here for Data from a survey done by NAHB

Builders, ask your bath and kitchen fixture supplier about this advanced coating today. Specify Rapid Armour® when ordering tubs, showers, and spas. Call +1-877-99-EPMAR.  



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